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From: Dianne Rizzo <diannerizzony@gmail.com>;
To: <lindadrag@yahoo.com>;
Subject: 2 Dane/Lab mix
Sent: Fri, Dec 5, 2014 2:24:43 PM

Hello, I am in need of finding homes for 2 Great Dane/Lab mix brothers. They are 2 yrs. old in January and up to date on all shots. They are brownish grey Merle. They are good natured, non agressive in all areas, love people, kids and other dogs. I have never seen them with cats. They are my son's dogs and he is having health issues and cannot care for them any longer. We are very sad to give them up but my husband and I cannot give them what they need, as we are older and have another dog of our own. Right now they are in Upstate New York with us but my son is in Tampa, in a hospital. We will travel to Florida in early January and would bring them there. I do have photos if needed. Is there any way you can help us find a home or homes for them. Their names are Rocky and Riley. Thank You, Dianne Rizzo 607 546-8014

From: Aaron Gill <aaron.h.gill@gmail.com>;
To: Lindadrag@yahoo.com <Lindadrag@yahoo.com>;
Subject: I have a Great Dane that needs a loving home
Sent: Mon, Nov 17, 2014 2:50:06 PM

I am sending this email with a heavy heart. Lola was a rescue of sorts. Her original owners did not socialize or even care for this beautiful girl. She is now almost 2 years old, we've had her for the past 9 months. She showed signs of dog aggression and she also does not like strangers. So far we have tried to socialize her with other dogs and she has greatly improved. The issue still are strangers. Our neighbor, who smelled of 5 dogs had come over and Lola tucked her tail and the hair on her back had risen. This is not the first time she has done this, she seems very protective. But as we have people over routinely with kids, we can no longer take the risk of her biting someone. We need a home for to go to that has adequate room for her to run, where the family does not have many guests. She is current on all shots and I can have her documents forwarded from her vet. Please give me a call at 727.755.1367, my name is Aaron. I do not wish to take her to the Humane Society in fear of who might adopt her. But I cannot keep her here.

Around 100 lbs.
One year old.
Fixed and chipped.
Do not know about small child.
Small dogs, she can be aggressive with toys.
Very smart and loves affection.

Chance is a 7 year old Harlequin male. He is blind. His owner was deployed. Chance is a very sweet, mellow dog.

Silver is a one year old blue merle female. Good with dogs, cats and kids. Owners moving. She is dog aggressive and doesn't like men.
Zoe is a 14 month old black female. She loves the dog park and is great with kids (as pictured!) Owner gave her up due to heavy work schedule and no free time.
Bella is a 2-1/2 year old blue female with natural ears. Her owners had a new baby and couldn't keep her. Bella was with dogs, cats, and kids. She has great manners and obedience skills!
Mhia is an 11 month old fawn female with natural ears. She is a Greyhound/Dane mix, sweet and shy. Her Mom and siblings were boarded up behind a garage and left to die.

Jack is a 2 year old black Dane. He is good with kids, cats, and dogs. His owner couldn't keep him, so he is living in a foster home right now.

Nicky is a three year old black boy with white feet and chest. He has natural ears. He is available because his owners got divorced. He is very thin but very tall with a blocky huge head. No other dogs. He says they taste good!
Sadie is a three year old black female. Her owner didn't want her anymore. She is very shy. Not good with kids. Good with dogs and cats.
Dakota 1-1/2 year old brindle male with natural ears. He is an active boy with a spring loaded rear end! He us very sweet and does well with other dogs. Former owner did not want him anymore.

Moose is a 14 month old black male with natural ears. He was given up by his owner because of he was too large and she couldn't handle him anymore.  He was living with several other dogs.  He is very sweet and very wonderful. Would love to keep him myself!  He is just a big goof!

Shiloh is a 10 month old black boy with natural ears. We have him as a result of a drug raid by the police.  He was kept in a tiny kennel.  Does not get along with all dogs, but is very nice.
Fiona was one the dogs rescued from the Polk seizure in Lakeland.  She is the littermate sister of Arrrgyle.  She is very sweet and a little shy.  She had to have most of her tail amputated because of a deep bone infection.  She loves other dogs.
Puppy Mill Rescue 11. Royce. 117lbs 18 month old black male. White chest and feet, severe mange, open sores on muzzle, major hair loss, swollen back legs. Shy, quiet, does not approach.

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